From Wikipedia:

Dogpatch is a neighborhood in San Francisco, California, it is roughly half industrial and half residential. It was initially a gritty working-class neighborhood but experienced rapid transformation since the 1990s and now boast similar demographics to its neighboring Potrero Hill – an upper middle-class working professional neighborhood.

The Dogpatch was originally part of Potrero Neuvo and its history is closely tied to Potrero Hill, some considered Dogpatch to be its own neighborhood while others consider it a part of Potrero Hill. Dogpatch has its own neighborhood association but shares merchant association, Democratic caucuses, and general neighborhood matters with Potrero Hill.

Dogpatch is still used by many shipping, receiving and storage outfits. It’s also a favorite of folks who commute using the light rail system, as well as artistic types who like to live in one of the many converted warehouse apartments in the area.

Like much of the US, Dogpatch has suffered from the recent economic situation, so an unfortunate number of buildings are vacant.

Aspect: A Good Place to Lie Low


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