Old Chinese Tunnels

No Wikipedia entry for the old Chinese tunnels beneath Chinatown. Officially, they don’t exist. Technically, that’s correct – no secret tunnels exist beneath Chinatown. Sort of.

Truth is, they did, back before the big quake in 1906. That event destroyed almost all traces of the tunnels. Now, only the upper tunnels are accessible, the ones that lead from one cellar to the next in the older Chinatown buildings.

Unless the rumors are to be believed, of course. See, some people still insist that the tunnels are there. Worse, there have been reports of folks going missing, and the locals insist that they’re being taken into the tunnels. The old folks, the ones who’ve been around forever, occasionally blame these disappearances on something (or things) called the taotie.

Aspect: The Hungry Earth

Old Chinese Tunnels

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